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Roll off Dumpsters

The size and function are the primary difference between the two types of dumpster.  Commercial dumpsters (Front Load) can be used to dispose of regular waste (MSW), recyclables and organic wastes which include green (yard) waste and food waste. Commercial dumpsters are smaller, ranging in size from 2 to 8 cubic yard dumpsters. These are the dumpsters you typically see behind a business complex, gas station, restaurant, apartment complex, or other businesses that need permanent scheduled services. Such services are typically scheduled anywhere from once every other week to seven days per week. Roll off dumpsters on the other hand are larger and generally hold anywhere between 10 cubic yards and 40 cubic yards of waste. Roll off containers can be used for ongoing, scheduled service at a factory, warehouse, or distribution center and are often used on a temporary basis at construction sites and residential locations for short term projects such as remodeling, clean outs, demo, etc… Roll offs get their name because they “roll off” the back of a truck when delivered to customers.
If you are a business owner and you seek scheduled weekly services on a permanent ongoing basis then you need to schedule commercial dumpster services. This can be for front load dumpsters ranging in size from 2-8 yards or larger roll off containers ranging in size from 15 – 40 yards. If you are seeking dumpster services on a temporary basis for a clean out, home remodel, construction project or any other temporary project, then a roll off dumpster is the correct choice. Ensuring you select the correct dumpster size for your project can save you time and money. A dumpster that is too small will cost you more by requiring you to schedule additional hauls to remove all of the debris while a dumpster that is too large will cause you to incur initial unnecessary expenses if a smaller one would have been enough. Please note that each cubic yard will hold roughly 15 (thirteen gallon) kitchen-sized trash bags or about 6 (thirty gallon) large trash bags.

You will find dumpster dimensions listed on this site for each dumpster type. It is recommended that you provide space to accommodate double the amount of the width and height of the dumpster to assure adequate height and space clearance. Also, consider an additional 10’ for the door that swings open at the back of the dumpster.

A full roll off dumpster can be very heavy depending on its size and the type of materials that are placed inside the container. Thus, we highly recommend customers take any necessary actions to prevent potential damage to driveways and pavement by placing a 4’ x 8’ sheet of plywood on the driveway where the container will be placed. The customer affirms that any right-of- way provided by customer (disclosed in delivery questions) for the roll off container is sufficient to bear the weight of all contractors’ dumpster equipment and vehicles required to perform the contracted service. The customer assumes all liabilities for damages to private driving surfaces, pavement or road surfaces and entire roll off container placement site. Dispose and its affiliates shall not be responsible for any damages to any private driving surface, pavement or accompanying subsurface of any route associated to perform the service that was contracted.

Permits may be required. Please check with your local municipality for specific rules and regulations.

Hazardous waste, dirt, industrial waste, chemical products, radioactive material, oil filters, herbicides & pesticides, solvents, paint (except completely dried latex paint cans, no liquids), other flammable liquids, aerosol cans, propane tanks, motor oil, transmission oil/lubricating/hydraulic oil/oil filters, contaminated oils (mixed with solvents, gasoline, etc.), antifreeze, petroleum contaminated soil/lead paint chips, tires, appliances, fluorescent tubes, batteries, computers, monitors, televisions, microwaves, railroad ties, medical waste, asbestos, animals, barrels and all liquids. Material must be level at the top of the container; nothing can be sticking out of the top. Additional requirements may apply based upon locality. The liability for appropriate waste remains with the customer as agreed to in the terms and conditions when contracting with Dispose LLC.

It is not necessary to have someone onsite for delivery or removal of the dumpster. However, please be as detailed as possible when answering the delivery questions, as the driver will use their judgment and place the dumpster in the safest accessible area. If an onsite contact is not available for delivery, you will be responsible for all charges involved with relocation of the dumpster should it be necessary. For removal; customer agrees to provide unobstructed access to the dumpster on the scheduled pick-up day; if dumpster is inaccessible, customer is subject to additional pick-up charges, as terms and conditions apply.

No – you must call us to schedule a pickup. Same day service is not available. The sooner you call, the sooner all your junk will be hauled away.

Rain and snow can saturate the debris, waste or junk in the dumpster, making it heavier than normal. This will increase the total weight of the load and could ultimately increase the cost of the rental. Two cases where rain and snow would impact the cost of the dumpster rental includes:

When the rental fee is based on the total weight of the load rather than a flat-rate fee.

If the weight of the load exceeds the weight allowance and overage charges are added to the bill.

Dispose is not responsible for the additional weight resulting from rain or snow saturation. 

TIP: Place a tarp, plastic or sheet(s) of plywood over the dumpster during rain or snow storms to reduce the amount of moisture entering the dumpster and saturating the debris.

Dispose does not charge any hidden fees so that means no delivery fees, no fuel surcharge fees, no environmental impact fees. We do have some upfront fees that may be charged: Rental fee of $10/day if you keep the dumpster longer than 2 weeks. Trip fee of $150.00 if the dumpster is repeatedly blocked by employee’s cars and we have to make a return trip in order to service you. Loading your container beyond the fill line can result in extra charges. If you have more trash, call to adjust your agreement.  Mattresses also incur a $30/charge each. Tires incur a $40 charge for the first tire and $60 per additional tire found. 


We carry front load dumpsters in a variety of sizes: 2 Yard – 400 pound volume – @12-15 33 gallon bags 4 Yard – 800 pound volume – @24-27 33 gallon bags 6 Yard – 1200 pound volume – @36-39 33 gallon bags 8 Yard – 1600 pound volume – @48-51 33 gallon bags

You can customize your bin to better fit the needs of your location. Lock bars prevent others from using your dumpster, wheels increase mobility in tight areas. The monthly costs of these features vary by market, but the average prices are as follows:

  • – Lock Bars: $15-$25/month
  • – Wheels: $15-$25/month

Note: Wheels are typically only available for 2 and 4 yard bins due to weight. Lock bars are available on all sizes and are recommended for easily accessible areas.

The amount of waste collected from your commercial dumpster affects the total price. Volume is reflected by the size of your container, so larger sizes will be more expensive because of higher disposal costs at the landfill. We typically recommend:

  • – 2 and 4 yard dumpsters for small-volume businesses such as restaurants or offices with less than 20 employees.
  • – 6 and 8 yard dumpsters for schools, retail spaces, apartment complexes and hotels.

Note: You can rent multiple containers if you have large volumes of trash and your site can accommodate them. You can have separate ones for single-stream recycling and cardboard-only bins.

How often you receive garbage pickup service is a factor in your cost. We’ll work with you to create a personalized collection schedule to keep up with your daily trash, giving you the freedom to request specific days for service. It’s very important that the trash on your site stays clean and well-maintained since citations and fees may be incurred.  Sufficient service is the key to avoiding these penalties.

Select up to six trash pickups per week.

Update your collection frequency at any time.

Note: If you don’t have room for a dumpster with larger volume, we can schedule additional pickups to reduce the chance that your container will overflow.

You’ll need to decide how long you’d like to continue your commercial garbage service. Our service options are flexible, but you’ll typically lessen your monthly cost by signing a year or longer contract. Available contracts include:

1 year – save money with a year-long contract


Already have a contract and are locked in? We’ll work with you to ease the transition from another provider and ensure you have a dumpster on-site to keep operations running seamlessly.


Dispose can help our customers with their recycling needs – we can provide containers designated for MSW, OCC, or Single Stream. Recycling is the future and it’s the right thing to do!

With SSR, you put all recyclable material in one container and it gets sorted at the recycling facility. *The most important thing with SSR is to keep wet items like food waste separate.

The Do’s

Plastic Containers #1-3


Newspapers and Inserts

Opened Mail

Aluminum Cans

White/Pastel Office Paper


The Don’ts

Plastic Bags


Frozen Food Boxes


Waxed Paper


Hazardous Materials


Scrap Metal


Plastic 6 pack holders


MSW – (Municipal Solid Waste) – This includes household waste and food waste. 

(Old Corrugated Cardboard)- This is recyclable cardboard waste and may be eligible for a rebate but it would have to be kept separate from MSW waste.

This is recycled cardboard waste. Using designated containers for OCC only can reduce your disposal costs and depending on the market, might even earn you a rebate. **Remember to keep wet items like food in a separate container. For example, if you had an entire container of cardboard with food on top, the entire load would be considered “Contaminated” and would end up in the landfill.

Shipping Boxes

Cereal and Dry Food Boxes

Shoe Boxes

Tissue Boxes

Moving Boxes

Detergent Boxes

Soda/Beer Cartons


Newspaper Inserts

Towel/Toilet Tissue Rolls

File Folders

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Still have questions? Drop us a line today. We’re here to help.

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For answers to other questions or more information, please fill out the form below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.